Infrastructure in Greater Franklin County

Franklin County is connected to the country and the world!

Maine has one of the nation’s most advanced and reliable telecommunication networks. Maine’s telecommunications system is extensive and reliable, with state-wide SONET ring deployment. Maine was first to have a state-wide ATM fiber optic based network, and is one of the first states with a 100% digitally switched network. All of Maine schools and libraries have internet access.

Maine is wired for voice, data, and video services to support e-commerce, call centers and other commercial operations.

Foreign Trade Zone

In today’s global economy, a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) is becoming an establishing business’ best resource. An FTZ allows companies to save money and compete internationally by deferring duties when engaging in international trade. Only four in the state of Maine, an FTZ is conveniently located in Auburn, Maine, about 45 miles from the center of Franklin County. Long term savings through duty deferral and reduction is the biggest draw to an FTZ.

View more information about the Auburn Foreign Trade Zone.

Intermodal Facilities

Franklin County is located near an intermodal facility in Auburn, about 45 miles away. Auburn’s intermodal facility has double-stack capacity.

The Auburn intermodal facility is the transportation hub for the entire state of Maine that’s impact extends throughout New England. Lots of goods and services in the U.S. are delivered into Auburn and shipped throughout New England. When doing business with the Auburn intermodal facility, a business is linked into the best rail network in North America.


The greater Franklin County area is within two hours of two major airports: Portland International Jetport and Bangor International Airport. Boston’s Logan International Airport is only three hours from the heart of Franklin County. The Augusta State Airport also runs regularly scheduled passenger service to and from Boston, and the following municipal airports are also in close vicinity to Franklin County:

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Routes 2 & 4 [East/West]

Routes 27, 17, 133, 41 [North/South]

Deepwater Seaports

Eastport, Portland, and Searsport have year-round, ice-free deepwater ports, with regular service to Europe, Asia, and Canada and are the closest U.S. ports to European markets.

Freight Rail Service

Maine’s rail service offers connections to major rail carriers in the United States and Canada.The closest rail spur is in Livermore Falls, 25 minutes from Farmington.
View a map of Maine's rail system.

Passenger Rail

Amtrak's Downeaster offers passenger rail service from Portland to Boston and beyond.

The Maine Eastern Railroad offers scenic excursions from Brunswick to Rockland.