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Sectors & Industries in Franklin County


Franklin County’s agrarian roots have had a lasting impact on the characteristics of its communities. Agricultural foundations developed by early Native American settlements left partially cleared land and trodden pathways for the region's forefathers to build their farms around. Franklin County’s geographic location provides a great deal of agricultural diversity. The Sandy River that runs through the county has created large meadows for livestock, fertile soil for crops, and varying elevation for different types of wood.

In addition to some of the family farms that have been here for decades, many young entrepreneurs are relocating to the Franklin County area to start new models of farming themselves. Many small-scale farms are experiencing exponential growth with farm shares, established networks of farmers’ markets, wholesaling to local restaurants, and creating other finished products from their produce.



Mt. Abram in MSAD58Mt. Blue in RSU 9Rangeley Lakes Regional School in RSU 78Spruce Mountain in RSU 73, and Stratton Elementary School are all public districts in the area. All of the high schools in these districts allow interested students to take courses at the Foster Career Technical Education Center in Farmington, which provides opportunities for a hands-on education in many available programs.

In addition to public schools, Franklin County is also home to the University of Maine at Farmington. UMF enrolls around 1,800 full-time students, putting it at a comparable size to many of New England’s private colleges but with a highly affordable tuition. Farmington’s community was built on the founding fathers’ goal for highly educated residents, and UMF was the first public institution of higher education in the entire State of Maine.

Franklin County is also home to the Carrabassett Valley Academy, a private middle and high school at Sugarloaf Mountain. CVA is a unique private school offering a balance of college preparatory academics and competitive ski and snowboard training.



The abundant natural resources in Franklin County and surrounding areas have long supported pulp, paper, and wood products manufacturers. Throughout Franklin County and beyond into the rest of Western Maine, readily available wood provided the first means of manufacturing in the region.

The industry remains an important part of our forest-based economy even as it faces overseas competition and an aging workforce.  Wood products manufacturing creates markets for wood, which helps forestland owners keep forests as forests and supports employment for loggers, truckers and related workers. 



Franklin County provides ample opportunities for healthcare providers and companies. The county's steady population growth has created an increased demand for healthcare services, with about 20 percent of the population 65 years of age and over.

The Franklin Community Health Network, located throughout the county, offers a range of services to local residents and to citizens from neighboring towns and cities, including emergency care, obstetrics, surgical care, orthopedics, rehabilitation and more.

HealthReach Community Health Centers is a private, non-profit organization with locations in Strong and Rangeley that provide medical and integrated behavioral health services to the residents in those regions.

Located in the heart of Franklin County, Franklin Memorial Hospital cares for those in Farmington and the surrounding towns. Offering state-of-the-art technology, Franklin Memorial prides itself on being one of the lowest cost hospitals in Maine, providing advanced, high-quality outpatient specialty care such as cardiology, cancer care, pulmonology, wound care, and more. Franklin became a member of MaineHealth, the largest organization of non-profit health care providers in Maine, in 2014.



Throughout Franklin County and beyond into the rest of Western Maine, readily available natural resources like wood, granite, and clay provided the first means of manufacturing in the region.

Two other natural resources, wind, and water are now bringing new industries to the area. Companies are operating in Franklin County to continue those long supported manufacturing traditions and to build on those traditions with new technology. Franklin County has facilities from manufacturing wood turnings, sustainable forestry, and plastics to alternative energy, biomass, and bottling water.



A four-season destination, Franklin County has an array of cultural, historical, and recreational assets to appeal to visitors and businesses seeking the arts, history, and outdoor adventures. Our Historic Downtowns and Main Streets are beautiful and vibrant at all times of the year and our museums are full of information about our heritage.

In addition to numerous biking, hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, snowmobiling, and ATV riding opportunities in the area, Mt. Blue State Park is located at the base of Tumbledown Mountain on breathtaking Webb Lake, while the Rangeley Lakes region and scenic Sugarloaf have been attracting adventuresome outdoor travelers for many generations.