A place your business can call home in Franklin County, Maine


Letter to Investors

Mary Howes - ChairMore than ever, rural economic development groups are engaged in entrepreneurship and small business development. They are focusing on local assets, natural environment and socio-cultural, to strengthen local and regional economies.

Trending since Fall 2015, Greater Franklin Development Council (GFDC) has had continued success in its partnership with the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce and the Women’s Business Center at CEI hosting two Entrepreneurs Connect events annually in the Spring and Fall.

The first business contest in a long time, if ever, was held in Wilton to which GFDC along with others were advisors. We also participated in team efforts to attract small businesses…Children’s Center, Lovett Woodworks, LLC and Woodlands Memory Care. The potential for new jobs is nearly 65.

In November 2016, we jump-started the Franklin County Tourism Network under a shorter name, fcTourism, with a Rural Destination Development Summit that was well-attended, which shows the interest in developing our tourism sector.

Finally, I want to thank the businesses, the County and the communities that invest in the Greater Franklin Development Council. We greatly appreciate your investment in economic development for Franklin County and town of Livermore Falls. I also want to thank Alison and our new Executive Assistant, Morgan Spencer, who joined GFDC in May of 2016.

We are looking forward to 2017!

Best regards,

Mary Howes
Chair, Board of Directors
Greater Franklin Development Council


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