Hello Greater Franklin Investors:

Michael Luciano, GFDC Board of DirectorsOn behalf of the Greater Franklin Development Corporation's Board of Directors, welcome to Franklin County and Livermore Falls!

As chairman of the Board of Directors, I have seen the benefits of investing in Greater Franklin firsthand. Over the years, Greater Franklin has worked with Maine communities to strategically position the greater Franklin County area as the economic hub of western Maine. To do this, we have moved forward in an innovative and sustainable direction by supporting economic growth through the region's businesses and entrepreneurs.

All the while, the investments of our community partners have played an integral role in our success. In order for Greater Franklin to continue to support current and developing businesses, investors like you and I must continue to support Greater Franklin.

At Greater Franklin, our first priority is the creation and retention of quality employment opportunities in our communities. Our mission is to bolster our local economy by attracting new business, assisting local employers, and promoting entrepreneurship throughout the county. Your investment in Greater Franklin supports the operations that help Franklin County and Livermore Falls achieve economic prosperity.

On this website, you will see profiles of exciting businesses in manufacturing, the arts, hospitality, and agriculture ...all part of the diverse tapestry of businesses that make this place great.

As chairman of the Board of Directors, I thank our current investors for their continued support, and I encourage new patrons to invest in Franklin County and Livermore Falls. To make an investment, contact Alison Hagerstrom with Greater Franklin at (207) 778-5887 or email ahagerstrom@greaterfranklin.com. Please consider a gift to help keep the vibrant local economy thriving and growing.


Darryl Brown,
Senior Project Manager, Cianbro 
Chairman, Board of Directors

Visionaries Circle — $10,000+

Ambassadors Circle — $5,000 - $9,999

Founders Circle — $3,000 - $4,999

Associates Circle — $1,000 - $2,999

Supporters Circle — $500 - $999

Dr. Kathryn A. Foster
Farmington Land, LLC

Friends Circle — $100-499

Alison A. Hagerstrom
Edward S. David
Richard P. Davis
Wendy Pomeroy
Richard T. Bjorn
Darryl Brown

In-Kind (Meeting Space)